Vancouver Market Movie(JP)

December 1, 2015

704 Alexander Street, Vancouver, BC

Koji's market activities and narratives in Japanese.

Quarterly Market Report

February 16, 2018

Fourth quarter report in 2017


Growth rate of BC state is exceeding 3% and leading the country.


KM Pacific Investments Inc. (KMPI) is a commercial real estate investment, development and management company focused on delivering quality products and high investment returns. We are the only Japanese property investment group participating in the Vancouver market.
KMPI was incorporated in April 2009 as a part of a global family property investment group with a 70-year plus history. In 2015, the company become independent and is currently focused on the Vancouver market. With a long history of being a developer, we stay fore-front of the market by providing creative and innovative solutions for each investment projects.


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